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Welcome to the Orthodox Christian Resources on the Internet!

These pages include links to WWW pages and other internet-based resources by and/or of interest to Orthodox Christians. Archdioscese offices, parish churches, monasteries, and organizations are all Chalcedonian Orthodox, and I have included all such sites I know about. Some of the resources I link to are not maintained by Orthodox Christians -- for example, Wheaton College's superb on-line library collection of the writings of the Church Fathers. The material on a site must be about Orthodox Christianity or provide material I think will be of interest and use to Orthodox Christians before this site will link to it, though.

Please note that inclusion of a link here does not imply an endorsement of the WWW site or the organization, just the belief and hope that it may be of value to Orthodox Christians and others interested in Orthodox Christianity. When I come across a page which I believe is unusually good and deserves a recommendation, I use one of the following symbols in place of the normal bullet:

X Recommended      --> Highly Recommended

A site will be checkmarked/recommended if I believe it contains content many people will want to see. A site will receive a "highly recommend" rating when the site itself is exceptional both in design and content. Lack of a "recommended" symbol doesn't mean I thought the page wasn't good. In most cases, it just means I haven't had time to review the page carefully and therefore have no opinion about it.

These symbols also do NOT mean that I endorse or agree with everything the page says, or its owner believes and practices. :)

You may browse through these pages sequentially, by clicking "Next Page" at the bottom of each page of links, or you may go directly to a particular group of links from the index. Each group of links is now on a separate page -- there are simply too many of them to list on one page unless you like waiting for HUGE WWW pages to load.

People just learning about Orthodox Christianity will probably want to look at the pages under "If You're New..." first. Those who are learning about our Faith should also remember that it isn't possible to learn about Orthodox Christianity just by reading books or WWW sites. You will need to go to church and experience how we worship, and get to know some of us and see how we live.

If your parish church, monastery, or other Orthodox Christian organization wishes to be included in this index, or if you have put up a site you believe should be included in this index, please send email to Let me know which category you believe your page should be included in. Although I reserve the right to make the final determination, in most cases I will list a site where the site's owner/maintainer asks for it to be listed.

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