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Pages listed here contain Bibles in various translations, services of the Church, and other liturgical material -- material associated with doing the services of the church. Some of this material is, of course, also important theological material and links to it may be found under Theological Material as well.

The Bible

     o The Daily Gospel and Epistle Readings (Old Calendar)
     o The Daily Gospel and Epistle Readings (New Calendar)
     o The WWW Bible Gateway (Multiple Translations & Languages)
     o The Holy Bible (Douay-Rhiems Translation)
     o The Deuterocanonical Books of the Holy Bible (aka The Apocrypha)

Byzantine/Eastern Rite Services

     o The Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom
     o Small Compline and Evening Prayers
     o The Midnight Office (Weekdays and Saturday)
     o A Thanksgiving Molieben
Western Rite Services
     o A Western Rite Gregorian Orthodox Missal
     o The Liturgy and Diverse Services from the Lorrha ("Stowe") Missal

Prayers & Private Devotional Material

     o Orthodox Prayer Book
     o A Collection of Orthodox Christian Prayers
     o Orthodox Mealtime Prayers

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