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Home pages of Orthodox Christian parish churches are listed here.

     o St. Aidan's Orthodox Church, Manchester, Great Britian, U.K.
     o Saint Andrew Antiochian Orthodox Church, Arlington, WA, U.S.A.
     o Saint Andrew Greek Orthodox Church, Randolph, NJ, U.S.A.
     o Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, Lancaster, PA, U.S.A.
     o Saint Anthony Antiochian Orthodox Church, San Diego, CA, U.S.A.
     o Saint Antony Orthodox Christian Church, Tulsa, OK, U.S.A.
     o Saint Anthony Orthodox Christian Church, Spring, TX, U.S.A.
     o Ascension Orthodox Church, Akron, OH, U.S.A.
     o St. Benoit de Nursie, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
     o Christ the Savior/Holy Spirit Orthodox Church, Cincinnati, OH, U.S.A.
     o Christ the Savior Orthodox Mission, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
     o St. Columba Orthodox Parish, Lafayette, CO, U.S.A.
     o Sts. Constantine & Helen Greek Orthodox Church, Orange, NJ, U.S.A.
     o St. Elizabeth, Mother of the Forerunner, Antiochian Orthodox Church, Mesquite, Texas, U.S.A.
     o St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
     o St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church, Washington D.C., U.S.A.
     o St. George Greek Orthodox Church, Ocean City, MD, U.S.A.
     o St. George Greek Orthodox Church, Clifton, NJ, U.S.A.
     o St. George Greek Orthodox Church, Oklahoma City, OK, U.S.A.
     o Holy Cross Orthodox Mission, Catonsville, MD, U.S.A.
     o Holy Transfiguration Antiochian Orthodox Church, Wheaton, IL, U.S.A.
     o Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church, Moscow, Russia (Russian)
     o Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Goshen, IN, U.S.A.
     o St. Innocent Eastern Orthodox Church, Eureka, CA, U.S.A.
     o St. Innocent of Alaska Eastern Orthodox Mission, Charlottesville, VA, U.S.A.
     o St. Innocent of Alaska Orthodox Church, Pottstown, PA, U.S.A.
     o St. Kyriaki's Orthodox Church, Alexandropouli, Greece (Greek Only)
     o St. Luke Orthodox Church, Palos Hills, IL, U.S.A.
     o St. Mark of Ephesus Mission, Kingston, MA, U.S.A.
     o St. Mary Eastern Orthodox Church, Omaha, NE, U.S.A.
     o St. Matthew Antiochian Orthodox Church, Torrance, CA, U.S.A.
     o St. Michael the Archangel Orthodox Church, Danville, CA, U.S.A.
     o St. Nectarios American Orthodox Church, Seattle, WA, U.S.A.
     o St. Nicholas Antiochian Orthodox Church, East Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
     o St. Nicholas Orthodox Church, Dallas, TX, U.S.A.
     o St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church, Saratoga, CA, U.S.A.
     o Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas of Japan, Johannesburg, South Africa
     o St. Paul Orthodox Church, Lynnwood, WA, U.S.A.
     o Sts. Peter & Paul Orthodox Church, Meriden, CN, U.S.A.
     o Sts. Peter & Paul Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Palos Park, IL, U.S.A.
     o Protection of the Holy Virgin Orthodox Church, Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A.
     o Russian Orthodox Church of the Nativity Of Christ (Old Rite), Erie, PA, U.S.A.
     o Sign of the Theotokos Church, Montreal, QC, Canada
     o St. Stefanos Greek Orthodox Christian Church, St. Petersburg, FL, U.S.A.
     o St. Stephen Orthodox Church, Cupertino (San Jose), CA, U.S.A.
     o Transfiguration Greek Orthodox Church, Lowell (Boston), MA, U.S.A.
     o Trophy Bearers & All Saints Greek Orthodox Church, Canonsburg, PA, U.S.A.

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