Lives of the Saints

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Pages listed here contain lives of various saints of the Orthodox Christian church, and collections of icons of these saints.

Saints of the Old Testament

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Saints of the First Century A.D.

     o St. Andrew the First Called
     o St. John the Baptist
     o St. Luke the Evangelist

Pre-Nicene Saints (100-325 A.D.)

     o Sts. Anthia and Eleutherius
     o St. Anthony of Egypt
     o St. Polycarp

Conciliar Era Saints (325-800 A.D.)

     o St. Basil the Great
     o St. Gregory of Nyssa
     o St. Mary of Egypt
     o St. Nicholas of Myra in Lycia
     o St. Olympia the Deacon
     o St. Stylianos

Byzantine Saints (800-1500 A.D.)

     o St. Maria of Thrace and her Son, St. Vaanis the Soldier
     o St. Matrona the Wise of Chios
     o St. Thomais of Lesbos

Medieval Slavic Saints (800-1300 A.D.)

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Saints of "Holy Russia" (1300-1900 A.D.)

     o St. Herman of Alaska
     o St. Innocent of America
     o St. Vladimir the Great

Saints of the Turkish Empire (1500-1900 A.D.)

     o St. Cyril of Pythion, Martyr Patriarch of Constantinople
     o St. John the Tailor, the Twice Burnt
     o St. John the Russian
     o St. Nicholas Basdanis the New Martyr

Pre-Schism Western Saints (600-1054 A.D.)

     o St. Alban, the First British Martyr
     o St. Bathildis the Queen
     o St. Benedict of Aniane
     o Life of St. Elphage, Archbishop of Canterbury, Martyr
     o St. Maud (Mathildis), Queen of Germany
     o St. Oswald, Martyr King of Northumbria
     o A Life of St. Patrick of Ireland
     o St. Romuald the Abbot
     o St. Siegfrid, Bishop & Apostle to the Swedes
     o St. Willibald, Bishop of Eichstatt

Post-Schism Western & Modern Saints

     o St. Jacob Netsvetov
     o St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco
     o Bishop Jonah of Manchuria
     o Blessed Mother Maria Skobtsova: Martyr at Ravensbruck

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